Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Peace.....perfect peace!

Admittedly, my blog has gotten lost in the avalanche of technology that is life in 2010! Can you tell I have SNOW on the brain? ALL of us have snow on the brain here in No. VA! It has been fun! It has been insane! It has been COLD and WINDY! Full disclosure? I prayed hard for snow this year! I even asked God to give us some indication if our church was pleasing Him by giving us a snowy winter--kind of along the lines of Gideon's fleece! If I thought many of my friends would actually read my blog, I would never admit this! lol!

My desperation in the previous post has cooled off with the weather, and I'm actually doing so much better than I have in a long while. It had something to do with being desperate for change and actually crying out to God in my prayers...silently but desperately! He is helping me greatly...He is carrying me! I have been snowbound mostly for a week, and I've been alone most of the time, since my family works during snow storms. I am stocked up with lots of potential for baking, and I've been doing a lot of cooking, but I'm not looking to the food for comfort. I've been writing a lot, walking and shoveling snow. God has been filling me with peace, like the unmarred fields of snow that Don and I witnessed on our walks. There is something about being in the middle of God's handiwork...his overwhelming power...under His complete control, that calms the soul! Calm is what I need, and He is the Provider of peace! Thank You God, for snow days, for the beauty of the world around us and for Your constant care!

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